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Sequoia Homes invests in, develops, and supports those wishing to switch to a manufactured home. We assist seniors, retired persons, families, and individuals. We help to secure a residential property at less cost than traditional stick-built construction. We believe you should love where you live without breaking the bank! We are excited to find your perfect dream home at an affordable price. We are also here to help you achieve your goal by offering to finance the project for existing owners. Our hands-on approach allows us to deliver a pre-qualified product with quality to match. See the published article about Bill Smith click here.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the living conditions, lifestyles, and property values of Southern California residents and their communities. We achieve this by replacing outdated, low-value mobile homes with contemporary, high-value manufactured housing. Furthermore, our commitment extends to offering residential property owners the most affordable housing solutions. The bedrock of our success lies in our exceptional service, ensuring a seamless, singular source for all components needed to deliver a new home promptly and with unparalleled quality.


To be recognized as the premier manufactured home replacement experts in Southern California.



CEO in his office

William Smith

Chief Executive Officer
Bill began his journey financing manufactured homes after successfully lobbying HUD in Washington, D.C., to insure FHA mortgages for manufactured homes.

In 2015 he founded Sequoia Homes to deliver a better buying experience than he found in the industry.

In 2019, the San Diego County building department refused building permits for seniors’ homes burned in the Lilac Fire. He successfully led an effort to get an emergency bill through the state legislature that forced the issue of the permits.

Bill enjoys golf even though he regularly loses to Barbara.

Chief Marketing Officer

Chris Gahman

Chief Marketing Officer
Chris enjoyed a successful sales and marketing career in Michigan before retiring to California.

He found that he could still be helpful to people and joined Sequoia to use his expertise to assist those transitioning to smaller properties. Chris works with the community to educate the residents on the advantages of factory-built homes.

Chris brings honesty and integrity to the home-buying experience while offering quality homes at an affordable price.

Chris and his wife, Becky, are also avid golfers who like to travel and spend time with their English Bulldog, Lulu.

Chief Financial Officer


Chief Financial Officer
Barbara's administrative management and financial experience began in the film industry with Lucas Films, MGM, and Columbia Pictures, where she obtained the background needed for her to be the glue that keeps Sequoia running smoothly.

Barbara is also responsible for Sequoia’s Customer Care. She deftly coordinates and manages all post-installation repair and warranty activities, ensuring complete owner satisfaction.

In addition to being an excellent golfer, she enjoys regularly outscoring Bill, her husband, and Sequoia's CEO.