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Building Process

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Steps in Building a manufactured home

We listen to You

Everyone who partners with Sequoia brings unique needs, ideas, goals, plans, and budgets. For example, will your new factory-built home replace an old mobile home in a manufactured home community, or will it be a new home on a residential lot? How does your lifestyle influence your design choices? Is your budget lavish, conservative, or somewhere in between? What room do you need for hobbies or work? What financing do you require? Your answers allow our design team to narrow the choices from hundreds of available models and floor plans.

We collaborate with you on the design

Together we are a team. Like all successful partners, we candidly share our knowledge and experience, enabling you to make the selections and choices that best fulfill your dreams. We allow your taste and style to determine the design while we guide what is possible. Our goal is that your final plan reflects your wishes and desires at a budget that meets your expectations. In the end, your new home reflects you.

We secure the factory quotation and the contractor’s bid

We select a factory and contractor that best fits your project profile. We negotiate to secure the lowest possible costs while maintaining quality and meeting your schedule. Some factories’ lead times are longer than others, and contractors’ existing bookings could mean delays. Therefore, when we present a plan, budget, and schedule, they are comprehensive, and nothing is missed.

We help with financing, manage the escrow and secure permits

Managing and coordinating the purchase agreement, financing, regulatory, permitting, and escrow requirements are complex and exacting responsibilities. Sequoia handles it all seamlessly, perfected over countless new home projects. While we keep you regularly informed, we don’t ask you to handle the tasks and responsibilities required for success.

Ordering, shipping, setup, construction and completion

With permits in hand, we place the factory order for your home. We monitor the schedule and coordinate with our contractor and your community management if you have one. We monitor the installation and setup, conduct inspections to assure quality, and file any paperwork with the authorities. Upon completion, we join you to inspect your new home and manage any necessary repairs or corrections. We work with your lender to close your loan if financing is required. As team members, we celebrate your life in your new home.      


Residential landowners can save considerably when comparing a manufactured home to a contractor-built home. In contrast to the site-built option, factory efficiency typically results in 20% to 30% savings. In addition, your manufactured home will be permitted as real estate at or near the appraised value of stick-built homes. Finally, Sequoia can introduce you to lenders familiar with manufactured housing.

We’ll pre-qualify you for a permanent Mortgage & if you qualify for a reverse mortgage, you will never make a monthly mortgage payment.

Sequoia will work with you to help design your dream home & will develop a site plan to identify setbacks & home orientation that will maximize views.

We’ll establish your new home’s completed cost & value. Permits, preparing your lot & coordinate construction to complete your home quickly.

Building officials will inspect the home on-site at various stages &, upon completion, certify the house is ready for occupancy.

Sequoia will plan a walk-through to ensure you are satisfied and report any warranty issues to the factory & will handle all the factory coordination.
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