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Many factors help determine the budget for a new manufactured home. The goals are always the same:

  • Install a new home that the owner can afford
  • Get the highest quality and as many features as possible
  • Wind up with a property value consistent with the values in the community
  • Stay within the household budget when financing is required
  • Fulfill the wishes, dreams, and lifestyle of the owners
  • Accomplish all of this while selecting a model and features and options

Helping People to Find their Home

Rolling up our shirtsleeves is where Sequoia shines. First, we carefully listen to our customers to recommend options and choices that reflect the six goals listed above. Then we help to understand various preferences, advantages, disadvantages, and tradeoffs. Next, we present a detailed design and cost package that identifies every option and cost element. Once the design is set, we secure a factory quote and obtain a licensed contractor’s bid for the setup and construction. Nothing is left to chance. Finally, once the homeowner approves the budget, we secure a qualified lender if needed. Only when all these items are safely in place do we secure the homeowner’s commitment, order the home and hire the contractor.