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Helping People to Find their Home

Cost and financing are two crucial elements of the newly manufactured home conversation. Sequoia itemizes all related costs and provides financing options. Our customers are park residents or owners of a parcel of land, and each one faces different challenges and opportunities.

For Park Residents

Customers residing in land-owned manufactured home parks usually replace their mobile homes after at least 20 to 30 years. Older mobile homes become energy inefficient, need costly repairs, or are just outdated. We start by questioning if this will be a remodel or replacement of the existing house. Mobile homes built before 1976 have dangerous aluminum wiring, limited insulation, questionable structural engineering, and inferior building materials, making them nearly impossible to finance.

Because of these potentially dangerous conditions, remodeling rarely increases the home value to match the costs. In contrast, HUD code-mandated design, construction, and installation standards assure quality, durability, safety, and affordability. Better yet, HUD-code homes can be financed. For example, replacing an old mobile home with a HUD-code manufactured home adds value to the property, often exceeding the new house’s cost. Park residents can select from various financing programs and options from national and regional mortgage lenders. Sequoia promises to introduce you to the best financial fit for your situation.

For Residential Landowners

Residential landowners will save considerably when comparing a manufactured home to a contractor-built home. In contrast to the regular site-built option, factory efficiency typically results in 20% to 30% savings. In addition, your manufactured home will be permitted as real estate at or near the appraised value of stick-built homes. 


Finally, Sequoia can introduce you to lenders familiar with manufactured home financing.

Fannie Mae MH Advantage Financing Program

Fannie Mae’s MH Advantage program is a mortgage loan for manufactured homes designed to match site-built single-family dwellings. MH Advantage helps buyers finance manufactured housing with as little as 3% down and traditional 30-year fixed-rate terms. MH Advantage loans are available through lenders that partner with Fannie Mae.

The Sequoia No-Cash-Down Purchase Program

Owners in land-owned parks or on residential property may qualify for Sequoia’s exclusive financing program.  

This requires no up-front cash when you qualify for a long-term permanent mortgage. 


Here’s how it works:

  • Together, we establish a turnkey price for your new home
  • Sequoia obtains an independent appraisal of the future property value when the new home is complete
  • Sequoia secures a lender’s pre-qualification mortgage commitment 
  • Upon occupancy, you close the permanent mortgage, and the proceeds pay off the purchase of the new home

Some qualifying seniors use the federal government-insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage for the home purchase payoff and never make a monthly mortgage payment for as long as they stay in the home. 


ONLY at Sequoia Homes can you find an opportunity that is insured by the federal government with 

                                                                                    NO UPFRONT CASH AND NO MONTHLY MORTGAGE PAYMENT!

 What could be more attractive?